Wholesale Lynching

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Lancaster New Era
Place of publication: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Date of publication: Jun 17, 1898 12:00 am

WHOLESALE LYNCHING. Five Murderers Hanged in Alabama. Taken from jail by large mob after and impromptu trial strung up. Had murdered three old people for their money. Montgomery, Ala., June 17.– Five negroes were taken out of the jail at Wetumpka last night. The troops got there too late to prevent the jail from being broken open. However, they followed the mob into the country and telephone messages show the troops are hunting for the prisoners. It is reported that a sixth negro has been implicated and arrested. The mob is trying to find the oney that was stolen and buried before lynching the prisoners. Leading citizens, it is said are intercepting the mob to prevent lynching and to secure the retun of the prisoners to the jail. A telepone message from Wetumpka states that four of hte prisoners taken from the jail last night were hange this morning at a point ten miles from Wetumpka and three miles from the scene of the crime. The four were: Sol Jackson, Lewis Spier, Jessie Thompson, Camp Reese. The troops from here did not succeed in locating the prisoners as the country is hilly, rough, and wooded. The most of the night and this mroning were psent in a sort of trial investigating the crime and getting at the guilty ones. The crime for which the men were lynched was the murder of WM. Carden and his wfe, an old couple, and William Carlee, aslo on old man, and the burning of hte their house to conceal the crime. Carden hourded his money and the murderers confesser and told they had buried $1200.