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Alabama Memory is an attempt to recover the lynching history of the state.  Even as we recapture these hidden histories, we seek to be part of a broader public effort to rethink how we teach about legacies of racial violence.  We hope that you will join us. Please contact us anytime, at

For College Students: 

  • Take HY 406: Alabama Memory: Lynching in Alabama.  It is offered every fall semester.
  • Contact Dr. Giggie directly about your interest and possibly pursuing an independent study. Typically 1-4 students each semester receive independent study credit for working on the project.  
  • What type of student typically joins us? More important than your major is your interest in telling a different history about the past and legacies of racial violence. But also those interested in using
    • digital geo-mapping and graphic design skills to create maps for displaying lynching history 
    • statistical analysis to portray a new data 
    • social media to inform the public about aspects of the project 
  • We have had students majoring in engineering, graphic design, math, and art history as well as African American studies, English, education, American Studies and history.

For High School Students and High School Teachers:  

  • See the Educators Resource page under the “Your Stories” tab.  Here read about “History of Us,” a class that emerged from Alabama Memory.  It was the first black history course ever taught every day and all year at a public high school in Alabama.  In 2019-2020 it was offered at Central History School in Tuscaloosa.
  • Contact us for a meeting.  We have met with students and teachers from around the state about implementing their own version of “History of Us.”


For College Professors and Leaders of Community Remembrance and Lynching Projects: 

  • Our methodology has been adopted by colleges and projects around the state.  We are happy to share our organizational structures and syllabus with you. 

For Community Partners: 

  • We are always seeking new partners in our community and happy to speak about our work. 
  • We currently have over twelve community partners supporting our high school initiative, “History of Us.”  They include the local Civil Rights Foundation, Stillman College, the University of Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Tuscaloosa City Schools, and the West Alabama Multicultural Alliance, among others.

For Members of the Public: 

  • We hope that anyone with a story to tell or an interest in history will reach out to us.  We are happy to provide additional information about individual lynching victims and work with you to do your own lynching history.  
  • Please use our sources, essays, and guides to conduct your own research
  • If you are a professional organization or civic group and would like to speak to us or have us share work with you, please contact us directly.