“A good class changes how you look at life. A great class changes how you act in life”

The Alabama Memory Project set out to change how we as historians and scholars perceive the history behind lynchings in Alabama and the United States. But our mission is not just to educate the few and the privilege but the population as a whole. In that same vein, Alabama Memory encourages other students, teachers, community leaders, and any one interested in telling these stories to reach out to us!

Students at the University of Alabama

With our main base being located at the University of Alabama we encourage all students interested in this initiative in getting involved with The Alabama Memory Project. One of the best ways for a student to get involved with the Alabama Memory Project is to sign up for HY-406 Southern Memory-Lynching in AL in the Fall with Dr. John Giggie. This course will introduce students to the history lynchings and assign students lynching victims to personally recover their lives through intensive research Alabama Memory is not just looking for history majors and minors but students from across different disciplines to help documents these lynchings. Some of the types of skills that we are looking for are:
  • Students interested in using digital geo-mapping skills to create versatile mapping software for displaying these stories
  • Students interested in using statistical analysis to portray a wide swath of data theories current held in Alabama Memory
  • Students interested in working with a groundbreaking project to help educate and inform the public through social media and other means of communication

Teachers and Professors

We at Alabama Memory believe the most important facet of this project is its ability to inspire individuals to expand its education far beyond even our own reach. With that mindset, Alabama Memory is always interested and excited to work with other teachers and professor across Alabama and the United States. We have already had our methodology adapted to both high school (As you can see with our History of Us) and other collegiate models. If you are curious how you can adapt our model to your specific idea please reach out and we would love to continue this discussion

I am a project leader that has already done work like this. Could we connect with Alabama Memory?

Emphatically yes! We want to connect with other existing project

Community Leaders and Passionate Citizens

You can inform the ivory tower of education to the highest degree but if we do not make an impact on our local community then this project is for nothing. These individuals had their stories ripped away from community memory and we want to help rectify that. These stories are innately personal and local and we acknowledge that. As you have scoured our website and you want to connect with us and see how you yourself or a group you have in mind (Kiwanis Club, Church groups, etc) can get involved or learn more please reach out to us. Also if you yourself are an aspiring researcher please check out our public research guide. This research guide is the main handbook of our undergraduate and graduate researchers in their ventures to recover these lives. You can check our more about our guide here.