Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Eutaw Whig and Observer
Place of publication: Eutaw, Alabama
Date of publication: 1884

The rapist, Joe Robinson, colored whom we mentioned last week as having attempted an outrage upon a young lady in the northern part of this county, was arrested on the 10th, by a party of young men from Clinton Precinct, on the Fulgham Place, near Clinton. He was pursued by a large number of persons from this and other counties- said to be about 200 whites and 75 clacks, and when arrested, was taken near the place where he attempted the outrage, and after a unanimous vote of the large number present, he met a just and deserved death by hanging. We are informed that he admitted that he had heretofore outraged six women. The county is to be congratulated in getting rid of such a demon.