Attempted Rape

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Eutaw Whig and Observer
Place of publication: Eutaw, Alabama
Date of publication: 1884

A card from, “Rednoval,” written from Mantua on the 8th inst., says: “Our community is laboring under a terrible shock caused by the attempted rape of a young lady, in this neighborhood, by a black fiend named Joe Robertson, aged 18 years. The entire community is aroused and scouring the county for him. He is in perfectly nude condition.”

A friend from Clinton, also writes us as follows: “I have just heard of a very shocking affair and the citizens in Mrs. Sidney Carpenter’s neighborhood are all in arms, hunting down the fiend. While the mother and brother of a young lady were out looking after a mule which had been yoked, and hearing an unusual sound at the horse lot, went in that direction, when a negro man, named Joe Robertson, entered the house and attempted a rape upon the young lady, and to prevent her giving alarm, choked her and dragged her forty yards, leaving a trace upon the ground. A young man, who was also at the lot,  had gone over to go hunting, blew his horn which is supposed to have caused the fiend to desist. It is said her neck is much bruised. Glad to hear that he failed to accomplish his design. The citizens are determined to have him and are guarding the roads at night.”

We suppress the names of the lady and her parents.