“33 Negroes Taken to Marengo Jail”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 12/22/1909 0:00

Negroes Taken To Marengo Jail. Believed That No Further Trouble Will Occur, As Will Montgomery, the Last of the Murderers, Seems To Have Made Good His Escape. MONTGOMERY, Ala, Dec. 22.—Col. J. E. Carter, with three officers and 35 men, and Sheriff Grant, with a posse left Magnolia at 10.30 this morning, convoying 33 negroes to be lodged in the Jail at Linden, charged with all sorts of breaches of the peace from incendiarism to drunks and general threats. They were arrested yesterday and guarded last night by the soldiers as a result of the trouble that grew out of the burning of Clinton Montgomery, one of the murderers of Algernon Lewis, Saturday last. Lieutenant Scott, of the Selma company, on duty there, says that the night passed without incident and that there is now no more danger of an outbreak or additional trouble between the whites and the blacks. Will Montgomery, the last of the accused murderers of Lewis, is still at large and will hardly be caught, as he seems to have left the country, and Ernest Slade, the white man so desperately wounded by Clint Montgomery before the latter was burned to death, Is assured of recovery, though with the loss of one eye. From Linden the soldiers will return to their homes, there being no more necessity for them at Magnolia.