A Negro, Charged with Burglary, Brutally Treated

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Tribune-Republican
Place of publication: Union, MO
Date of publication: 6/28/1895

CINCINNATI, June 26. – A special to the Post from Mobile, Ala., says: At Point Clear, Baldwin county, Tom Brown, a negro, was arrested by two men on a charge of burglariy. The negro was taken in the direction of the jail, but was found hanging to a tree in a terribly mutilated condition. He revived when cut down, but can not live. The persons interested are trying to keep the affair quiet and your correspondent was warned against using the item. No arrests have yet been made.


“A Negro, Charged with Burglary, Brutally Treated.” Tribune-Republican (Union, MO), June 28, 1895.