Thomas Parker (Attempted Lynching)

About the Case

Date: June 26, 1895

County: Baldwin

Victim(s): Thomas Parker (Attempted Lynching)

Case Status: Attempted

Featured Sources

Abbreviated Telegrams

Type: Newspaper

“Abbreviated Telegrams.” Rock Island Argus (Rock Island, IL), June 27, 1895.

The Report Exaggerated

Type: Newspaper

“The Report Exaggerated.” Birmingham Age-Herald (Birmingham, AL), June 27, 1895.

Terrible Work by Lynchers

Type: Newspaper

“Terrible Work by Lynchers.” The Morning News (Savannah, GA), June 26, 1895.

Criminal Doings

Type: Newspaper

“Criminal Doings.” The Dickinson Press (Dickinson, ND), July 06, 1895.