The Register Review

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Mobile Daily News
Place of publication: Mobile, AL
Date of publication: 6/27/1895

The Regiser has a reputation for publishing ancient history. That reputation as sustained by our ancient contemporary this moring in publishing a true (?) statement of the outrage perpetrated on the negro Thomas Parker in Baldwin county six days ago. It is fortunate for the readers of the Register that Judge Hall visited the city yesterdaay or else that journal would still be waiting for an “authentic” account of the outrage.

The Register undertakes to make some corrections: For instance, it stated that Parker was not mutilated. If a man with a swollen neck, a powder burned face, and several ribs kicked in, besides other bruises too numerous to mention is not “mutilated” then the NEWS will admit that it does not understand the meaning of the term. Evidently “something” was the matter of Parker of Judge Hall would not have found it necessary to send to Mobile for a physician to attend him.

The Register further says: “The telegram sent out from Washington Tuesday night to the Associated Press is erroneous in almost every particular.” Yet the Register published that telegram Wednesday morning, notwithstanding the fact that they heard of the rumors on Monday. Why did the Register publish a dispatch that it knew was erroneous? The Register should get its local items at home, and fresh, not cooked up from Washington ASsociated Press dispatches.


“The Register Review.” Mobile Daily News (Mobile, AL), June 27, 1895.