Angry Mob Shot Negro To Death

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Tribune
Place of publication: Scranton, Pa
Date of publication: 3/25/1907

ANGRY MOB SHOT NEGRO TO DEATH. Attempted to Assault White Woman of Florence, Alabama, and Was Killed by Huaband and Posse. FLORENCE, Ala., March 24. Almost in sight of Mrs. B. F. Rice, whom he had attempted to assault, Henry Harding, a negro, was today shot to pieces by the woman’s husband and a number of his friends. There were nearly three hundred men in tho crowd and everyone emptied a weapon into the body of the negro who was bound to a tree, within a hundred yards of the Rice home. The negro was literally cut to shreds by the bullets. The negro attempted to assault Mrs. Rice Saturday as she was walking in the suburbs of Florence, and would have succeeded, but for a large pet dog which accompanied Mrs. Rice. While she was struggling: the dog bit the negro so savagely that he fled. Mr. Rice organised a posse and trailed the negro; catching him today. The negro was taken before Mrs. – Rice who fainted when she saw him, but recovered’ and identified him. Mr. Rice asked his wife what he should do with the negro and she said “What you think best”


“Angry Mob Shot Negro to Death.” The Tribune (Scranton, PA), March 25, 1907.