Cleveland Hardin

About the Case

Date: March 24, 1907

County: Lauderdale

Victim(s): Cleveland Hardin

Case Status: attempted

Featured Sources

Bullets, Husband of Woman Fires the First Shot-General Fusilade

Type: Newspaper

“Bullets.” The Chattanooga News (Chattanooga, TN), March 25, 1907.

Fired 1,000 Shots Into Negro’s Body

Type: Newspaper

“Fired 1,000 Shots Into Negro’s Body.” Wilkes-Barre Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre, PA), March 25, 1907.

Husband Took First Shot

Type: Newspaper

“Husband Took First Shot.” Kentucky Advocate (Danville, KY), March 25, 1907.

Work of an Alabama Mob

Type: Newspaper

“Work of an Alabama Mob.” The Republic (Columbus, IN), March 25, 1907.

After Him with Bloodhounds

Type: Newspaper

“After Him with Bloodhounds.” The Daily Chronicle (DeKalb, IL), March 23, 1907.