Shepherd Dog

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Vicksburg Herald
Place of publication: Vicksburg, MS
Date of publication: 3/23/1907

Shot to Death By Mob. Florence, Ala., March 25. Cleveland Harding, the negro who attempted to assault Mrs. Ben F. Rice near here on Friday, and who was driven off by Mrs. Rice’s shepherd dog, was summarily executed by a mob of 200 or 300 persons. Tied to a tree, with his arms up, the negro was riddled with bullets, the first shot, it is said, being fired by Rice, following which every man in the crowd emptied his revolver at the prisoner. Over 1000 shots were fired. Beyond confessing his guilt, the negro had nothing to say and seemed indifferent to his fate The body was left tied to the tree by the mob, the members of which made no attempt to shield their identity.


“Negro Shot to Death By Mob.” The Vicksburg Herald (Vicksburg, MS), March 23, 1907.