Shepherd Dog Saves Woman From Assault By A Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Allentown Leader
Place of publication: Allentown, PA
Date of publication: 3/25/1907

SHEPHERD DOO. SAVES WOMAN FROM ASSAULT BY A NEGRO. Florence, Ala., March 22. Mrs. Ben Rice, living on a farm near here, was today saved from a negro’s clutches by a shepherd dog. The negro, a farm hand named Cleveland Harding, finding Mrs. Rice alone, entered the house and attempted to assault her. The dog answered her screams and at once went after the negro, giving the woman a chance to extricate herself. Harding, getting away from the dog, fled and a posse with bloodhounds is in pursuit. Threats of lynching have been made.


“Shepherd Dog.” The Allentown Leader (Allentown, PA), March 25, 1907.