Enraged Mob Stil Shooting Negroes for the Rucker Murder

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Estherville Daily News
Place of publication: Estherville, IA
Date of publication: 3/1/1894

Enraged Mob Still Shooting Negroes for the Rucker Murder

Information has reached here of the lynching of Lewis Hendricks, the third ngro supposed to have been ijmplicated in the assault and murder of Mrs. jesse Rucker near Stanton. Henricks was run down in a sampt ten miles Jemison and it is said to be shot to death by the enraged citizens.

The murder of Mrs. Rucker was one the most horrible crimes that ever occured in Alabama. She was a beautiful young woman of 18, who had been married but four months. She was going from her home to that of a neighbor while passing through a strip of wood, according to the confession ofBill George, one of the negroes who was lynched, George and another named Abe Shedden, who were hiding behind a brush pile, sprant out, seized and gagged her with a rag. They then choked her to death and assaulted her. To make their awful work doubly sure one of the negroes fractured her skull with a pine knot, while the other fired four bullets in to her body. The corpse was not found until the following day.

The citizens armed themselves at once and began to search for the murderers. George was caught and confessed the crime, implicating Seddon. Blood was found on George’s clothes, and he was hanged and shot at once. Later on Seddon was caught, but denied his guilt. However, he met a fate similar to that of George. The negro George in his confession implicated only one other negro, and extacly what evidence there was against Hendrricks not knowns.


“Enraged Mob Stil Shooting Negroes for the Rucker Murder.” Estherville Daily News (Estherville, IA), March 01, 1894.