Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Pickens County Herald and West Alabamian
Place of publication: Carrollton, Alabama
Date of publication: 3/29/1928 0:00

Two Negroes Found Dead Monday Near County Line, And Tuscaloosa Youth Under Arrest For Killing
Sheriff May was called early Monday morning to the scene of a double murder just across the county line in Tuscaloosa county. Jerry Brown and his brother, who lives in Bessemer, or Ensley, were found dead in the road early Monday by parties going to their work. Both had been shot to death. They were found a short distance down the road leading from the Tuscaloosa highway from Backbone church a short way from Elrod. Both were shot from the front, and no sign of scuffling was noticeable. They were about thirty yards apart, and were evidently standing or walking forward when they were shot. Jerry was shot three times, one ball passing clear through the head, one near the heart and the third in the left arm. The other negro was shot in the abdomen and neck.
Both bore a bad reputation, and Jerry had recently worked out a hard labor sentence for attempting to manufacture liquor. He is a notorious bootlegger. But little is known of the other brother, as he has been out of the community for several years.
Ernest Elledge, better known as “Kildee” in Gordo, where he played base ball a few years ago, has been arrested and placed in the Tuscaloosa county jail under a charge of murder. No preliminary has yet been had and nothing is known of the facts in the case. It is reported that he confessed to officials that he did the killing, but whether it was in self defense has not been reported.
It is reported that the negro, Jerry Brown went to the field where Ellidge’s father was at work a few days prior to the killing and threatened to kill him, and it is presumed that the difficulty between young Ellidge and the negroes grew out of the former difficulty with the father.