“Horrible Outrage!” (Unnamed Man Accused/Attacked)

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: Nov 9, 1868 11:50 pm

HORRIBLE OUTRAGE! A white married lady in Hickman’s beat–about eighteen miles from Tuskaloosa–was the victim of a horrible outrage of a negro on the 3d inst. The male members of the family had gone to the precinct to vote, and the black fiend chose the occasion to perpetrate the diabolical deed. We forbear giving further particulars, as, also, the injured party’s name, for sufficient reasons. We learn that nearly two hundred men have gone in pursuit of the black scoundrel, and hope they may secure is lim. We had hoped to be saved from these horrible deeds. The whole South may now be subject thereto. We believe that the time approaches when negroes must either depart for Liberia, or some other negro colony, or be exterminated. It is impossible for the whites and blacks to dwell together as freemen. One or the other people must go down; and we believe that numbers, intelligence, and wealth will soon settle the matter. The election is now over, and policy has “played out.” Let each neighborhood inaugurate a system of local self-defence, and thereby act in such manner as shall protect their families from destruction. Delay not. LATER. – The negro has been caught. Unnecessary to say more.