Klan Cartoon

Source Type: Visual Culture
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: Aug 31, 1868 11:50 pm

A Prospective Scene in the ” City of Oaks,” 4th of March, 1869. “Hang, eurs, hang! Their complexion is perfect gallows. Stand fast, good fate, to their hanging! If they be not born to be hanged, our case is miserable.”
A cartoon from the September 1, 1868, issue of the Tuscaloosa Independent Monitor. The lynched images represent two educators: The Rev. Arad S. Lakin, right, a “carpetbagger” from the north who had just been named president of the University of Alabama, and Dr. Noah B. Cloud, a southern-born Republican, or “scalawag,” serving as Superintendent of Public Instruction of Alabama. The mule is marked with the initials of the Ku Klux Klan, and the image serves as a threat to enemies of the Klan.