n.t. (Mr. W. F. Lovejoy denies connections.)

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: R. Randolph
Publisher: Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: May 10, 1869 11:00 pm

Mr. W. F. Lovejoy desires us to inform the public that the reports started against him by certain Radicals about town, relative to his having been engaged in the killing of the negroes on this side of the river, are totally untrue. He says that he can prove, by Mr. Cochrane and others, that he was on the flat boat crossing the river at the time that the raid was made on the premises of Mrs. Cochrane, on the afternoon of the day of the killing. These Rads had better be careful how they circulate false reports, based upon bare suspicion, about well-behaved citizens.