“J.D. Blocker”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: 2/21/1911 0:00

DEATH OF MR. J. D. BLOCKER WELL KNOWN AND POPULAR CITIZEN OF THE COUNTY PASSES AWAY AT HIS HOME AT HULL. The news of the death of Mr. J. D. Blocker at his home at Hull on Sunday night was received with much regret in Tuscaloosa, “Squire” Blocker, as he was usually called, was one of the best known citizens in the county and counted his friends in large numbers. There were many who did not know of his illness and the news of his death came as a great shock. He had been ill, however, for several weeks, the end coming Sun- day night about half past nine o’clock. Squire Blocker was seventy-nine years old, but was so hale and hearty that few realized how advanced in age he was. While a citizen of Hull he often came to Tuscaloosa and there were few Tuscaloosa citizens who did not know him and esteem him. He was a prominent Masen, a member of the Baptist Church and a citizen of substantiality and worth. Mr. Blocker had been for years a member of the Board of Trustees of Central College, probably the oldest member of the board in point of service, as well as in years. Mr. Blocker married a Miss Auxford, an aunt of Mrs. H. T. Burks and Mrs. J. R. Mosely of this city. The death of this good woman occurred many years ago. Surviving this much loved father there are left four children, Laura (now Mrs. W. H Lewis of Birmingham), Ella (now Mrs. Sheldon A. Eddins, who lives near Tuscaloosa,) John D. Blocker, Jr., of Hull and William M. Blocker of Birmingham. These all have the sincerest sympathy of their many friends in this city and elsewhere. The funeral will occur this morning at Big Sandy Baptist Church at Hull at ten o’clock and the deceased will be interested with Masonic honors.