Killed by Sheriff

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Courier-Journal
Place of publication: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of publication: Aug 14, 1895 12:00 am
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Alabama Miner Had His Weapon Ready When Shot.

Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 13.-(Special.)

At Brookwood mines last night Deputy Sheriff Joe Nelson went to serve a warrant for assault to murder on Will McKay, a young miner. McKay reached for a pistol as he saw the officer approach, when Nelson fired a shotgun. filling McKay’s body with slugs. The wounded man died this morning.

It seems that McKay’s mother, who is a widow, had been keeping company with a man who was objectionable to McKay. The latter, several days ago, swore he would kill the offending person, and emptied his pistol at him the first time he met him, but without effect. It was the warrant for this assault that Nelson was endeavoring to serve when he killed McKay.