Killed Him at Sight. Negro had Attempted to Assault His Wife

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Manning Times
Place of publication: Manning, South Carolina
Date of publication: Aug 30, 1899 12:00 am
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KILLED HIM AT SIGHT. Negro Had Attempted to Assault His Wife.

A special dispatch from Tuscaloosa, Ala., to the Atlanta Journal says: People in the vicinity of the court- house, which is in the center of the business part of town, were startled by a loud report of a shotgun fired twice in rapid succession at 6.20 o’clock Wednesday morning. Investigation showed that John Thomas, would-be assailant, had been shot to death with bird shot. At Cuba station, about three weeks ago while Mr. C. M. Stallworth was absent from home, John Thomas, a negro employed at Stallworth’s saw mill, entered the room where Mrs. Stallworth, was asleep about 10 o’clock at night and after choking her into insensibility, attempted to ravish her person, but was frightened away before his hellish purpose was accomplished by the approach of the overseer who was attracted by the screams of Mrs. Stallworth. The negro was shot at several times, but succeeded in making his escape. Mr. Stallworth had since that time done nothing but search for the brute. Thom- as, who was a good machinist, came to Tuscaloosa about two weeks ago, and secured employment with the electric light company. He had had his bicycle sent from Cuba to Tuscaloosa for repairs before he attempted the outrage, and wrote a letter to Cuba to forward the handlebars to Tuscaloosa to a fictitious name, which he gave in the letter. This gave his whereabouts away, and Mr. Stallworth went to Tuscaloosa on the northbound Q. & C., at 4.10 o’clock Wednesday morning, and while standing talking to his brother, who lives there saw the negro coming up Greensboro street on his way to work. Mr. Stallworth stepped inside the market house and got his brother’s gun, which was loaded with No. 8 shot, and crossing the street, called to the negro: “Is that you, John? The negro turned round, and seeing Mr. Stallworth, replied, “No, sir, this ain’t me, and I started to run, when Mr. Stallworth emptied the contents of both barrels in his back and shoulders. Thomas ran about a block and fell, where he died in about fifteen minutes. Stallworth offered to give himself up but no one seems to want him.