Local Intelligence

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: R. Randolph
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuskaloosa
Date of publication: Apr 26, 1869 11:50 pm

After a tedious investigation of two days, the verdict of the Coroner’s jury holding, an inquest over the dead body of Aaron Cochrane, a freed-man on Thursday-last about three fourths of a mile back of the residence of Mrs. S. S. L. Cochrane, has been rendered. The jury find that the deceased came to his death from a pistol or or both, inflicted by the hands of one or more parties, to the jury unknown. They find that some of them were attempting an, arrest. and also say that, “while they regret the spirit of lawlessness manifested in such cases as here presented, still they are of the opinion that much of it’s caused by the apathy and inefficiency of the peace officers of the county.