Lynched for His Crime.

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Montgomery Advertiser
Place of publication: Montgomery, Alabama
Date of publication: 1884

From the Eutaw Mirror it is learned that the negro who attempted the outrage upon a young lady in Mantua beat was arrested on the 10th inst. by a posse of young men from Clinton beat, at what is known as the Fulgham place, now owned by Col. C. H. Taylor. It is said not less than 200 whited and 75 colored were on the hunt of the demon. And when the party who arrested him carried him to headquarters a vote was taken to ascertain the feelings of the crowd, and it was unanimously agreed by whites and colored that he deserved death by hanging. He was taken a mile below where the offense was offered and hung by the neck until pronounced dead by the physicians present.

The fiend acknowledged that he had outraged six woman, and but for the sound of the horn in his last attempt he would have accomplished his seventh.