Mobile Mayor Wired Sheriff Burgin

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, AL
Date of publication: 8/31/1906

BROUGHT HERE FOR SAFE-KEEPING Denying that he criminally assaulted two little white girls and a little 10-year-old negro girl In Mobile county, William Thompson today occupies a cell In the Jefferson county Jail. He was brought here from Mobile by W. B. Powers, chief deputy sheriff of Mobile county, for safe keeping. Fears were entertained that an attempt would be made to lynch the negro. The sheriff of this county is holding the man on the strength of an order from Judge S. B. Brown, of Mobile county, before whom a warrant charging criminal assault was sworn out. Report had it that the negro had confessed to the crime and that the people were very much wrought up.


“Mobile Mayor Wired Sheriff Burgin.” The Birmingham News (Birmingham, AL), August 31, 1906.