Mobile Sheriff Expects Negroes to Be Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 10/5/1906

Deputy Sheriff Charles Green and C-J. Flournoy, city editor of the Mobile Item, arrived la the city from Mobile, today at noon over the Louisville and Nash villa coming here for the purpose of taking back to Mobile Will Thompson and Dick or Cornelius Robinson. charges of criminal assault and the latter one charge of the same nature. Thompson has been here a month and Robinson was brought here two days ago, after a mob had stormed the’ Mobile Jail and one man had bees killed. “A good meeting was held In Mobile last night in the Interest of law and order and some of the bent men tn ths cily Attended,” said Sheriff Powers, “but they were- not . the men or class of men who wilt compose the mob and the meeting will have little effect on the sentiment of the class that win b In the ranks of ths mob, 1 propose to do everything tn my power to get these negroes to tha Jail In . Mobile In safety but the chances are against me. If the negroes had escaped after committing their crimes I would have been abused f M now that I, caught them and phid them ia,a safe place to await trial I am being abused still. What Is worse, my deputies and myself gim denied the military protection which we will surely, need In the performance of this duty. Tha meeting tat Mobile was held too late. There .bad already been too much Inflammatory talk with nothing to counteract It. The public sentiment that creates a mob bad bean formed and It Is now too Strong to bo changed by such a meeting as wae held.” Leave Mere Tonight. Sheriff Powers, with Deputy Green, Mr. Flournoy and the two prisoners, wilt leave over the Southern tonight at 10 oclock and will arrive tn Mobile tomorrow morning between 7 and oclock. As to the course he would pursue in taking tha prisoners from the depot to tho Jail after getting to Mobile. Sheriff Powers said that would depend entirely upon circumstances


“Mobile Sheriff Expects Negroes to Be Lynched.” The Birmingham News (Birmingham, Alabama), October 05, 1906.