Mobile Mob Storms Jail

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Citizen-Examiner
Place of publication: Hayneville, AL
Date of publication: 10/11/1906

MOBILE MOB STORMS JAIL. Special Officer Hdyte Shot VMle De- Mobile, Ala. Mobile was In a state ‘of frenzy bordering on madness because of an outrage committed on twelve-year-old RutU Sessaman, a school girl, daughter of J. Blount Sessaman, residing four miles west of Mobile, by James Robinson, an . eighteen-year-old negro, who was captured, taken before the girl and positively identified as her assailant. Soon a mob of about 500 attacked? thff jail, p demanding the negro.” Sheriff Powers met the leaders and informed them that , the man they were seeking was not in the Jail and never had been brought there. He let about forty men walk through the corridors to assure the mob that the negro waitlist there, i i i ? ; While this search was going on pistol shots rang out, and Special Officer Roy Hoyle, of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, who was among a number? oi men endeavoring to pacify the crowd, fell to the ground mortally wounded


“Mobile Mob Storms Jail.” The Citizen-Examiner (Hayneville, AL), October 11, 1906.