Negro Is Lynched Near Pickensville

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Columbus Commercial
Place of publication: Columbus, Mississippi
Date of publication: 1916-07-06

According to news received here from Pickensville, Ala., which is believed to be authentic, Sam Meek the negro who shot and killed constable Ed Upton near Crawford, Miss., Saturday afternoon, was lynched somewhere near the Alabama town either Sunday or Sunday night.

After having shot the constable, Meek also took a shot at Dr. Bledsoe, a physician living near Crawford, who made an ineffectual effort to effect his arrest. The shot went wild, however, and the negro hiked out for the Alabama line, his idea evidently having been to get into another state as soon as possible. A posse started in pursuit, and is said to have overtaken and hanged him at a point near Pickensville either Sunday or Sunday night, though news of the lynching did not reach here until Tuesday.


July 6, 1916; The Columbus Commercial, Negro is Lynched Near Pickensville, VOL. XXIL. No. 21