Negro Murdered

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Southern Democrat
Place of publication: Oneonta, Alabama
Date of publication: April 29, 1926

Lillie Cobb, a Negro woman, is dead, and Edgar Moses, a white man, is said to be in a Birmingham hospital as the result of a klan raid in Oneonta Sunday night. Little definite information is obtainable about the unfortunate affair. According to current rumor on the streets it seems that some members of the Klan objected to the way some of the Negroes have been living and a few weeks ago took a Negro man and Negro woman out and whipped them. Sunday night, it is alleged, about 10 Klansman went to the home of Albert Hodges, a Negro man, got him in a car and carried him near the home of Emery cob, another Negro. Part of the crowd, it is said, went into the cabin of the cob Negro. As they entered Cobb fired his shotgun and one of the Klansman fell, wounded in the hand and perhaps about the body. Several other shots were fired. After the smoke of the battle had cleared away it was found that Lily Cobb, wife of Emery Cobb, had been shot in the abdomen. She was carried to Birmingham Hospital where she died Monday afternoon. solicitor Sivley was called and came to Oneonta and made an investigation. He reported the result of his investigation to judge steel and Judge Martin and judge steel immediately made an order reassembling the grand jury to meet Thursday, April 29 at 10 AM to make a complete investigation. No arrests have been made.


“Negro Murdered.” The Southern Democrat (Oneonta, Alabama). Apr. 29, 1926.