Result of a Spree

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Nashville Banner
Place of publication: Nashville, TN
Date of publication: 10/22/1907 0:00
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Result of a Spree. Special to the Banner. Tuscaloosa, Ala., October 22. Columbus Davis, a negro section hand on the Alabama Great Southern Raliroad, met his death as the result of a spree. He went to the residence of Mr. Si Hinton, the section foreman, and cursed and abused Mrs. Hinton and the family, He was taken home, but in a short time broke loose again and was making things very unpleasant when Mr. Hinton returned home. It is said that the negro tried to get his gun, and Mr. Hinton fired, the negro dying in à few minutes. A coroner’s inquest was held, but it was decided to be a case of justifiable killing.