Shot In The Breast And Instantly Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a. n.a. n.a.
Publisher: The Nashville Banner
Place of publication: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of publication: 11/12/1902 0:00
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SHOT IN THE BREAST AND INSTANTLY KILLED. Special to the Banner. Tuscaloosa, November 12.-Monday evening at 9 o’clock a young negro, John Bruce, about 24 years of age, was shot and almost instantly killed by an employee of the flying Jenny. The flying Jenny is not connected with the Street Fair management, but is operated by Charles Murry. There was such a large crowd of negroes around that it was difficult to obtain the details, but it is said that the shooting was done by the ticket agent, named Nolen, who pushed Bruce back and told him to keep out of the way, whereupon a quarrel ensued, and Nolen shot the negro in the breast. Nolen left the grounds immediately after the shooting and has not been seen since.