Spent Several Hours in Selma

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Selma Times
Place of publication: Selma, AL
Date of publication: 8/31/1906

SPENT SEVERAL HOURS III SELMA Did Deputy Sheriffs from Mobile With the Negro Thompson Who Criminally Assaulted Two Young Girls in That City. LEFT LATER FOR NIHIL 1 Two deputy sheriffs of Mobile county with the negro Will Thompson in their charge spent several hours in Selma yesterday. Thomp son was spirited ont of the county jail in Mobile Wednesday night when a mob was being toroiei to lynch him. The rcob was formed and the doors of the jail was battered down but when they got in side the building, they found that the negro who criminally assaulted two young girle of that plaoe had been taken away and was out of their reaoh. The deputies with the negro reached Selma about noon yeser day, but in plaoe of carrying their prteomsr to the county jail while they waited for a train, they kept him in hiding around thb Union passenger station. On the 5:45 train yesterday afternoon they left with tbeir prisoner for B’rming ham where he will bo placed in the Jefferson jail for safe keeping.


“Spent Several Hours in Selma.” The Selma Times (Selma, AL), August 31, 1906.