Troops Guard Negro Who Outwitted Mob

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: North Platte Daily Telegraph
Place of publication: North Platte, Nebraska
Date of publication: 8/15/1933 0:00
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TROOPS GUARD NEGRO WHO OUTWITTED MOB Escapes While Two Of Pals Are Lynched; Trio Suspected As Killers. Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug. 15, (AP)-National guar S e n were mobilized today to protect a wounded negro who escaped a lynching party which killed two others indicted with him in the slaying of a white girl. The negro, Elmore Clark, was found late yesterday in a shed at the home of a negro in Vance. Sheriff R. L. Shamblin, who had been leading a search since the lynching Sunday, said Clark was frightened and suffering from t h r e wounds in his thighs. He told the officers he was glad they had come, but other than to state members of the mob were masked he could give no details. AWAITING TRIAL. Clark with Dan Pippen, Jr., 18, and A. T. Harden, was indicted in the slaying of Miss Vaudine Maddox, 21, in Tuscaloosa county. Pippen and his parents repudiated attorneys retained by the International Labor defense’ when his trial was called on August 2, and the case was postponed in- definitely. Threatened violence against the negroes in jail here led Sheriff Shamblin to attempt to remove them to Birmingham for safe keeping. Early Sunday two carloads of masked men hemmed in the car in which the negroes were hand-cuffed together and forced the officers to surrender them. Several hours later the bodies of Pippen and Harden, riddled with bullets were found about a mile from Woosstock in the woods. How Clark escaped and made his way to Vance, officers did not learn.