Trouble Which Arose From an Outrage

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Austin Weekly Statesman
Place of publication: Austin, TX
Date of publication: 5/21/1885
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ALABAMA. Trouble Which Arose From an Outrage. Selma, May 1. The excitement still prevails in the vicinity of Dixie Station over the killing of Scipio Atchison, (colored) whose, body was found yesterday in the woods, riddled with buc -shot and whose death is supposed to have been caused by white men against whom he had made threats for pursuing his son. It is feared that two more negroes, Steve Sullivan aud Tom Ward, are missing. There are good grounds for believing that Sullivan was Killed on the same night that Scipio Atthison was murdered. Ward is thought to have escaped. Sullivan and Ward were both friends of young Atchison, who outraged the white woman, Mrs. Hessler, and had made frequent and violent threats. The shooting, in both cases, is supposed to bve been done by a party of three hundred men, gathered irom a section of twenty miles square. Young Atchison is still at large, but is being traced up. The white people in the section where the murders occurred have become a, alarmed, owing to threats of the negroes and fear an insurrection in the saw-mill and charcoal section, where there are several hundred negroes.


“Trouble Which Arose From an Outrage.” The Austin Weekly Statesman (Austin, TX), May 21, 1885.