Tuscaloosa Has Big Street Fair – Carnival Opens In Full Blast, And The Only Thing To Mar The Pleasure Was Shooting Negro By Flying Jenny Man

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a. n.a. n.a.
Publisher: The Age-Herald
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 11/12/1902 0:00
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TUSCALOOSA HAS BIG STREET FAIR CARNIVAL OPENS IN FULL BLAST, AND THE ONLY THING TO MAR THE PLEASURE WAS SHOOTING NEGRO BY FLYING JENNY MAN. Tuscaloosa, November 11.-(Special.)- The Carnival company of Cincinnati. o., arrived in the city Sunday morning from Americus, Ga., and all day yesterday the streets were filled with gaudy poles, can- vass, etc., preparing for the street fair. A eight last evening the fair opened in full blast and from the outlook Tusca- lossa will have one of the largest and best street fairs in her history. The attractions are placed along Broad street, from Twenty-third avenue down to Sixth street on Greensboro avenue. The following is a list of the attractions: The Electric Theatre, Thelma, The Statute Turning to Life, Lunette, the Flying Lady, Old Plantation Minstrels, Hall of Fame, Samson, the Big Snake, Essau, the Snake Eater, Oriental Streets of India, Museum of Martinique Horror, Vaudeville Dog Circus, The High Diver, Turtle Boy from India, Ferris Wheel, etc. Last evening at 9 o’clock a young negro, John Bruce, about 24 years of age, was shot and almost instantly killed by an employee of the flying jenny. The flying jenny is not connected with the street fair management but is operated by Charles Murry. There was such a large crowd of negroes around that it was difficult to obtain the details, but it Is said that the shooting was done by the ticket agent named Nolen, who pushed Bruce back and told him to keep out of the way, where upon a quarrel ensued and Noel shot the negro in the breast. Noel left the grounds immediately after the shooting and has not been seen since. Tuscaloosa friends are in receipt of in- vitations from Fayette to the marriage of Miss Minnie Lee Naughter to Mr. Frank DeLacy Smith on November 19. For the past two years the bride-to-be has been a popular student at the Tus- caloosa Female college. Mr. Smith is the popular mail agent on the Southern and is to be congratulated. President John W. Abercrombe and Professor C. H. Barnwell of the univer- sity have returned from Oxford, Miss., where they attended the meeting of col- leges and preparatory schools of the south. News hase been received here from Tidewater of the killing of a negro boy there Saturday evening in a crap game. The one who did the shooting escaped. Prof. Clem C. Foster who was called to the bedside of his father, Dr. Joshua H. Foster, has returned to his home at Waco, Tex.