Two Lynched in Alabama

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Coosa River News
Place of publication: Centre, AL
Date of publication: 10/12/1906

TWO LYNCHED IN ALABAMA. Negroes Swung Up by Mob for Assaults on White Women. A special f 10:11 Mobiie, Ala., says: The crimes committed upon Edna May Fowler, Lillian May Savell, Rutli Sossaman, and attempted on others whose names aie not given, were avenged by a party of forty-five men Saf.trday afternoon in a lonely place just off the Holt road, in the neighborhood of Pricnards station. The lead.’rs ordered the men, who were all armed with revolvers, shot guns aad Winchester rifles, not to lire a shot, and the oidets were carried out-Robinson, who committed the first crimes that startled the people of Mobile, and worked them up into a fury, bordering on madness, culminating in the attack on the jail, was first strung up, He said nothing, and slowly strangled to dea’h after being strung up. The other negro, named Thompson, was very sullen from the time that he was taken by the mob until the rcpe was placed around his neck. In lact, neither of the men showed any signs of fear.


“Two Lynched in Alabama.” The Coosa River News (Centre, AL), October 12, 1906.