Cause for Trouble in Chilton County-Facts in the Case

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Memphis Daily Appeal
Place of publication: Memphis, TN
Date of publication: 5/14/1885
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The disgraceful affair near Selma, Ala., of which our correspondent gives the particulars in a lengthy special else where published, is much to be deplored. There must be some weakness in the laws or their enforcement in a place where men are compelled to arm to maintain their right to peace and security. That the attempt by a negro to outrage a white woman should be punished with death seems to be the first cbuse of the unwritten code that is deemed essential to the security of white women, but, eren if that concession is made, it ought to be an easy matter for the sheriff of a county to take order for the safety of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There must be something wrorg in Chilton county, something radically wrong, that ought to be immediately set right. The law must be enforced. It must be supreme if there is to be a real and lasting peace.


“Cause for Trouble in Chilton County-Facts in the Case.” Memphis Daily Appeal (Memphis, TN), May 14, 1885.