Find Two Negroes Hanging; Third is Missing with Mob

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Clovis News-Journal
Place of publication: Clovis, New Mexico
Date of publication: 8/14/1933 0:00
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Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug. 14 (PP) -One of three negroes spirited away by a lynching party was still missing today after the bodies of his two companions were found riddled by bullets. The three, Dan Pippen, Jr., 18; Elmore Clark, 28 , and A.T. Harden, 16, had been indicted for killing Miss Vaudine Maddox, 21-year old white girl, whose battered body was found in a ravine. Police said that as a result of rumor of a threatened attack on the jail here, they decided to remove the prisoners to Birmingham for safekeeping Sheriff R.L. Shamblin said that on the way, the party was batted yesterday near the Jefferson county line by two automobile loads of armed men, who seized the negroes. Later the bodies of Pippen and Harden were found near Blocton.