Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Grenada Sentinel
Place of publication: Grenada, MS
Date of publication: 5/23/1885
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In the woods near Dixie Station, on the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railway, the body of Scipio Atchison, colored, was found a few days ago riddled with buckshot. Recently Atchison’s son, James outraged a white woman near the same place. James was pursued by white men, who failed to find him. Scipio was terribly enraged at the white men and threatened to km them. He went to the houses of some whito people and said: “This is your day, but to-morrow is mine. I will get your scalps.” These threats are believed to have been the cause of his death. His son will be lynched, if caught.


n.t. The Grenada Sentinel (Grenada, MS), May 23, 1885.