Whipped Till He Confessed and Then Hanged

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Daily New Era
Place of publication: Lancaster, PA
Date of publication: 4/23/1904

News has been received from Bay Minette, near Mobile, Ala., that Sheriff Armstrong has returned from Little River, the scene of the killing of Dr. C. D. Cole, on Monday night by negroes. The Sheriff says that at about eleven o’clock on Monday night the mob, who had arrested four negroes, decided that all were innocent except Reuben Sims. He was whipped three times, when he made a confession.

Thereupon he was hanged to a limb of a tree, and his body riddled with bullets. The body was cut down and buried, but neither the father nor mother of the victim knows where.


“Whipped Till He Confessed and Then Hanged.” The Daily New Era (Lancaster, PA), April 23, 1904.