John Davis

About the Case

Date: November 23, 1886

County: Bibb

Victim(s): John Davis

Sex of Victim(s):male

Case Status: attempted

John Davis

November 23, 1886

Randolph, Alabama

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Featured Sources

A Negro Rapist Who Richly Deserved his lynching

Type: Newspaper

“A Negro Rapist Who Richly Deserved his lynching.” The Leavenworth Standard (Leavenworth, KS), November 25, 1886.

Brief Mention

Type: Newspaper

“Brief Mention.” The Dayton Herald (Dayton, OH), November 26, 1886.

Hanged to a coaling Derrick

Type: Newspaper

“Hanged to a coaling Derrick.” The Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln, NE), November 27, 1886.

Southern Gleanings

Type: Newspaper

“Southern Gleanings.” The Brookhaven Leader (Brookhaven, MS), December 02, 1886.